HOPE HEALTHCARE INSTITUTE, Inc. (HOPE HI) is  a   TESDA – DEPED recognized school  delivering   wide  range  of  services such as Elementary Education, Technical Skills trainings, Entrepreneurship  Development Training,  Job and  Livelihood linkage, Healthcare services, food production and catering to  the  people  of Marawi City and  the Municipalities  of Lanao del Sur and nearby cities.

       Making available quality and competitive Education and Technical Skills Training with Life Skills and Entrepreneurship Development in the training package in the sectors of Health, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Construction  and Information Technology continuously increase the chances of  HOPE HI graduates  in gaining employment and successful engagement in business.

       Employment and Business ventures among graduates evidently paved the way towards shaping success in their future,  empowering them in contributing to the improvement of the poor economic status of Marawi City and Municipalities of Lanao del Sr.

       Linking interested graduates gain tertiary education  that lead to new and exciting  career opportunities to further university studies through scholarship grants is a post training  support given to majority of HOPE HI graduates, equally a mandate of the institution.

HOPE HI being a partner of TESDA ARMM since 2005 to present and other NGO’s,  USAID projects particularly  the MINDANAO YOUTH DEVELOPMENT Program ( Year 2015 to 2019 March), CZECH REPUBLIC MARAWI YOUTH LIVELIHOOD Project (Year 2018 )and IOM Philippines – Kalimudan  in providing  Technical Skills training continue to  deliver community services and host to many volunteering services.

HOPE HI after the Marawi City siege of 2917 resulted to a catastrophic loss in the assets of the school. Given this situation, the school translated it as an opportunity to immediately restore, rebuild and operate to be of service to the IDP’s specially the Out of School Youth who are the most vulnerable to illegal activities.  While the war was going on, HOPEHI established a satellite office and step by step reconstructed its school documents, applied more TESDA programs to be offered and mobile trainings, an option after losing the school buildings. Remaining financial resources was utilized to purchase new sets of equipment, tools and materials, support to the teaching staff with TMI training and  assessment to strengthen the institution’s absorptive capacity became its priority. Thus,  on January 2018,  HOPE HI was operational and was the first TVET  school to accept students for Technical Skills training, though the Elementary Department is still to be re-established due to damaged classrooms.