To reach a level of excellence in the delivery of quality education and mold its graduates to be capable productive and civic builders towards peace and socio-economic sustainability in their respective communities.


HOPE HI envisions itself as a provider of quality education preparing diverse students particularly the youth for a productive future and be civic builders on peace and development towards sustainable communities and gender sensitivity.


1. To provide a moral and intellectual training in an atmosphere that promotes the internalization 0f values founded on divine human rights on upright living.

2. To promote intellectual development that enhances the application knowledge, skills and right attitude, talents and capabilities in response to the needs of the community.

3. To make itself into a dynamic and accessible instrument in TESDA skills, emerging skills and life skills training to diverse students (adults and youth specially the Out of school Youth) in a gender friendly environment in the promotion of social awareness and peaceful living.

4. To produce competitive graduates ready for employment and achieve stability.

5. To continuously pursue, to adopt and surpass the promotion of peace and sustainability.

6. To provide voluntary services in the community for health promotion and rehabilitation among women, men, pregnant and lactating mothers, girls and boys and child protection.

7. To provide trainings for disaster prevention, mitigation, response and recovery in every barangay and assist in the institutionalizing of its BDRRC.

8. To promote environmental protection and observance of waste management.